Bahco Laplander Saw

bahco laplander saw outdoor hikingI think everyone heading to the woods should have a saw. The Bahco Laplander is a great light weight saw. It weighs about 7 ounces and the saw blade, which locks into place, is about 8 inches long. The teeth are very sharp and aggressive and capable of cutting through wood with ease. The saw combined with a big knife or hatchet would be able to process enough firewood for most conditions.

Sawyer Mini Water Filter

Sawyer Mini Water FilterThe Sawyer Mini Water Filter is a great portable water filter system. The water filter comes with a water bag and a cleaning syringe. The filter can be attached to the included water bag and drunk from directly or you can pour the filtered water into a water bottle (my preferred method of use). The filter is small and light weight, which makes it perfect for hiking, but it would also be great for a home emergency kit for people that might face contaminated water from storms.

The North Face Borealis

hiking bag laptop bag day hike north face borealisThe North Face Borealis is a great all around back pack. It has a built in laptop sleeve that fits a 13inch laptop nicely, which makes it a great bag for school or work. It also has two water bottle holders on the side, breathable shoulder straps, and a rigid back which make it a great bag for taking on a day hike or carrying it on an airplane for your travel adventures. The bag is designed well and plenty durable.

Petzl Tikkina 2

petzl tikkina hiking hike outdoors campingWhen it comes to a light source outdoors, hands free is the way to go. I have been using the Petzl Tikkina 2 and am pleased with it so far. The light has a high and low light mode. It runs off of 3 AAA batteries. There are more expensive options by Petzl that have additional functions like S.O.S and red light but for now the Petzl Tikkina 2 fills all my needs.